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Please beware of being cheated!!!

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Recently, there is a case that suspicious people started to cheat on students of STUST by saying that there are conducting a seminar about marketing course under the name of Southern Taiwan University of Science& Technology(STUST)! They are some staff from tutorial group telling students who participates the seminar will get a free lunch box as an inducement. Following from that, they got personal information of students by filling up the application form.


From this point of view, campus security center kindly remind students:

1) University is a place for academic& education study and not a place for conducting business. Therefore, any activity or events that held on STUST must be approved by the school to enter the campus. If there is marketing sales without permission from STUST spotted around campus, students will misunderstanding and make wrong judgments on it.

2) If there is any salesperson try to promote to you in the campus, please call the salesperson show you the related documents approved by STUST. If the salesperson reject on time, please report it to the campus security center immediately (06-3010000) and seek for assistance from officers on duty.

 3) Kindly reminder to professors and students:

Don’t be sympathy and trust anyone easily when you meet situation of paying money by installment method on unknown sales.


                                                                          Best regards from Campus Security Center!

發布日期: 2018/05/30
發布人員: 蕭啟賢