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Extracurricular Activity Division

Club Information

Q1: How can I join clubs?
A1: You can come to Extracurricular Activity Division Office (L101) during office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) to consult to club counselor (Mr. Aaron Huang). 
You can also make a phone call by +886-2533131#2211 or mail Mr. Aaron Huang EMAIL:emmanuel@stust.edu.tw.
Also, you can browse the club 
information website.

Q2: When do we have usual club lessons?
A2: School has scheduled 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at every Wednesday as club lesson time. 
However, each club has its own particular schedule; you can also browse the clubs list to get better understanding of each club.

Q3: How can I apply for putting up poster or notice on bulletin or poster streets?
A3: Please take your posters to Extracurricular Activities Division Office (L101) to get seal of approval. The maximal days of posters are 15 days.

Scholarship Information

Q4: What can I apply for scholarship as an international student?
A4: Excellent Grade Scholarship is for Four-Year Program Day Section students. Students’ Academic Grade come in 1st in class can receive $NT2,500 dollars, 2nd can receive $NT1,000 and 3rd can get $NT500 dollars. Please log in the Tuition Reduction and Scholarship website with your student No. and password to fill in your own post office bureau and account numbers. 
You can consult to Mr. Yu-He Lin at Extracurricular Activities Division Office (L101)
during office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.). 
You can also make a phone call by +886-2533131#2211 or mail Mr. Lin EMAIL:kaohsiung71@mail.stust.edu.tw

Q5: Where and how can I inquire Scholarship for overseas Chinese Students?
A5: You can consult to Mr. Shui-Pin Chen at Extracurricular Activities Division Brief introduction of student clubs office(L101)during office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).
You can also make a 
phone call by +886-2533131#2210 or mail Mr. Chen EMAIL:rcsppscr@mail.stust.edu.tw

Q6: When is the application of Scholarship for overseas Chinese Students?
A6: It depends on each kind of scholarships. It is accepted after the communications from MOE, Overseas Community Affairs Council, and Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations etc. Mr. Chen will post notice on the Internet and mail related information to students by school mailbox.。

Q7: Does school examine the application of Scholarships for overseas Chinese Students?
A7: All scholarships are only examined by each providing units. School does NOT have the rights to examine and determine. School only helps notify and deliver scholarships according communications from providing associations.

Living Supervision Division

  About Parking (停車問題)  

Q1:How to apply the parking permits?

A1:1.Eeter the E net and link to the parking application.

   2.Key your motocycle license information.

   3.Print out your payment bill.

   4.Go to 7-11 or any convenience stores to pay the fee.

   5.Come to the student sercice center with your receipt and student ID card than take the stickers put on your moto. 

Q2:How munch to pay for apply the parking permits?

A2:1.500TWD a year for parking motocycle.

   2.100TWD a year for parking bicycle.

Q3Is there a limit parking areas ? 

A3If you have apply the parking permits, you can park any parking areas in school campus.

  About Dorm (宿舍問題)  

  For the freshmen  

Q1 : May I choose the room type and my own roommate?

A1 : Yes, you can choose the room type you’d like to stay, however, the rooms are limited. You can ask the availability first through your school host or case officer. As for the roommate, if your friend is coming with you, you can also tell your school host first before you come so that we can arrange you to live together.

Q2 : Can I check out from the dorm during the semester?

A2 : No, based on our school policy that every dorm resident should stay in the dorm for the whole academic year (two semesters) unless you drop, suspend, transfer to other school or you have any serious illness that prevent you from staying in the dorm. Refunds will be given by the Refund Policy of suspension or expulsion.

  For the dorm residents  

Q1 : My roommate and I have different living style, we have a big problem to stay with each other, can I change the room?

A1 : If there are some vacancies available, we can arrange you to stay in other room.

Q2 : Can I cook in the dorm?

A2 : You cannot cook at your own room, however, there are kitchenettes in Dorm VI, you can register first at the reception and then use it.

Q3 : My good friend comes to Taiwan to visit me, can he/she stay in my room for a night or two?

A3 : No, anyone who is not the resident of the dorm cannot stay in the dorm overnight. If your friend would like to visit you at the dorm, you can bring him/her to the public area such as the lobby.

  About leave (請假問題)  

Q1:How to take a online leave?

A1:1. Please SCAN QR Code or you can link the website
Then enter student id and password.

Q2:I want to know take online leave rule?

A2:1. Sick Leave、Menstrual Leave、Personal Leave、official leave be applied in ten days (day is included), or it will be counted as absences.
2. Bereavement leave must indicate the relationship with family;
(a) Parents, spouses of those who died the leave has 15days
(b) Step-Parent, spouse parents children of those who died the leave has 10days
(c) Great-grandparents, grandparents, spouse grandparents, spouse step-parents,
       brothers and sisters of those who died the leave has 5 days.
3. Marriage leave is the student himself, or please apply the personal leave.
4. Be checked that the week and the date is correct or not.
5. Enter to take Student Online Leave System Be confirmed, if there is no error than submit three times, or please return back to revise.
    The apply can not be deleted or revised, please confirm before send out . After use sign out please.

  About renting (校外租屋問題)  

Q1:When I need to rent a department/house outside of school, how to asking for help?

A1 Please go to L102 offices and please contact Mr. Chin, or calling TEL 06-2533131 extension 2201.

Q2: If I have any problems about rent a department/house outside of school, how to asking for help?

A2 Please go to L102 offices and please contact Mr. Chin, or calling TEL 06-2533131 extension 2201.

Q3:How to find information about available rent a department/house outside of school?

A3 Visit the link.

Q4:When I want to rent out the school, you should pay attention to what matters it?

A4Please note the following:

   1. Please refer to the website bulletin board of the Office of Student Affairs for priority information about off-campus housing and rentals. 

   2. Do not rent any apartment or house through an agency lest you cannot find the landlord and thus fail to protect your interests. 

   3. About the rental/tenancy agreement:

   (A)  A written contract/agreement is required, with each party holding a copy. 

   (B)  The deposit, which should not be taken as penalty for breach, is usually equivalent to one month's rent.
   Please specify a sum of money as compensation upon termination of the rental agreement
   (you have the right to terminate the agreement, but you have to pay the penalty). 

   (C)  The electricity is usually charged at the rate of 3.8 to 5.5 NTD per unit. Ask the landlord whether a share of public
   electricity fee is added to the money you pay for electricity. For those who live in attics or additional rooms on top of any building,    please pay attention to the electricity cost for air conditioning (use of air conditioning for 1 hour generally requires electricity cost for    about 10 to 15 NTD; use of electric water heaters for 1 hour generally requires electricity cost about 15 to 20 NTD). 

   (D)  It is possible to ask the landlord for a 1-month rent discount since you do not live in the apartment/ house over both summer and    winter vacations; no discount will be offered if you do not rent it for 12 months (It is advisable that you pay the rent every 3 months    or 6 months to avoid the problem that you cannot find the landlord). 

   (E)  Any verbal commitment will be deemed as a renewal; therefore, failure to realize/ fulfill/implement
   a verbal commitment to renewal is subject to penalty for breach.

   (F)  Check and keep track of personal property and any item in your living place.
   Inform the landlord in writing of any damages to the department/house during the time you live there. 

   (G)  Inform the landlord for approval/agreement of anyone’s temporary stay in accommodation. 

   4. Security concerns: 

   (A) Whether the department/house has passed the safety checking and assessment (with a certificate given by STUST).

   (B) Whether there is more than one exit for emergency and whether the bars on windows can be unlocked/ opened
   (apartments above the second floor must be equipped with a sling for emergency). 

   (C) Whether emergency lighting, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers are well prepared and workable. 

   (D) Whether doors and gates can be closed at any time and whether there is a monitor system. 

For any other questions, please contact Mr. Ching at the Student Assistance Sector by calling 06-2533131 ~ 2201

Q5:How to avoid the problems caused by housing rent dispute?

A5Make a list and take pictures of major problems in the apartment/house.
 Include the condition of walls, floors, windows, and other areas.
 Try to get the landlord to sing your list.  This will help protect you when it comes time to move out.

Q6:How to negotiate with the landlord rent money?

A6:Maintain a good attitude, show me that he is still a student, living expenses are provided by the home, hoping to reduce the rent, and will take good care of public facilities, definitely not to cause trouble for the landlord.

Counseling and Guidance Division

Q1: Is anyone who comes to the division of counseling and guidance troubled by mental disease?
A1: In fact, everyone would encounter with difficulties at some time, but everyone uses different coping strategy toward the difficulties. Some people choose to face the difficulties alone, some people tend to avoid the difficulties, and the others would seek for help. Using counseling service is a benevolent way to help yourself. You could clarify the difficulties step by step here and figure out the problems from various aspects, so as to cope with the problems more effectively.  

Q2: When should I seek for the help from counseling center?
1. When I want to make effort for some frustrations, such as when I failed in some exams, or I want to improve interpersonal relationship, solve the conflicts with my parents or siblings, or no more suffer from relationship. 
2. When I would like to explore more about myself, such as career planning, self-exploration or the meaning of life.
3. When my life becomes a little chaotic, such as eating much more than before, became sleepless, feeling empty etc.
4. When I need to talk with someone, counselors would be the first choice.

Q3: How to talk about my difficulties?
A3: Perhaps you have a lot of feelings inside and don’t know who to talk to. Perhaps you want to find out the cause of the problems, or perhaps you just want somebody to talk to. These are very general situations. Therefore, when you come to the counseling center, just feel free to express yourself and talk with the counselor.

Q4: Does everyone go to counseling center voluntarily? Is there anyone who go to counseling center involuntarily?
A4: Many students come to counseling center voluntarily, and most of them encounter with some frustrations in their life, such as relationship, family, interpersonal relationship, performance in schoolwork, or career planning etc. Some students would like to understand themselves more by psychological tests, such as tests on emotion or studying strategy. We provide various kinds of resources for students who are in need. 

Q5: Will my class advisor or classmates know that I go to the division of counseling and guidance for counseling? 
A5: Based on the professional ethics, the content of counseling is confidential. We will not let others know about the content without your consent. However, when it comes to the emergent crisis of suicide, hurting others or the behavior which violates law, the content of counseling will not be confidential in order to protect the students.

Q6: Will my difficulties be solved after counseling?
A6: Counseling may not solve your difficulties completely, but during the process of talking with counselors, you will have chance to find the pattern you used to look at the difficulties and your attitude toward the difficulties. You may learn different viewpoints to interpret your difficulties. If you learn more about yourself and more different point of view, you would have a new way to deal with the future difficulties. 

Q7: How to apply for counseling service?
A7: You may come to the division of counseling and guidance to fill out the application form or contact us via phone and email. We will arrange a reservation time for the first session with you. It takes about one hour each time and one time a week. There will be 6~12 sessions for each counseling basically, yet it can be extended or decrease according to your needs. 

Health Office

Q1:How do I apply for Foreign students health insurance ?
A1:Download and fill out the application form here. Detailed description about  students health insurance could be found here.

Q2:What is the office hour of the health center in the campus of STUST?
A2:The office hour of STUST is from 8:30 am to 9:10 pm, Monday –  Friday.

Q3:What kind of severs that health  center provide?
A3:Health center provide measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and body fat.
It’s located at the 204 F Building, 208 F Building.

Service Learning Division

Q1:Is Service Learning one of the Graduation threshold for STUST student?

A1:yes, manual labor is one of the Graduation threshold for STUST student. The manual labor is a compulsory course, which would be hold during the first and second term for freshman. In the two courses student earns one credit separately. During each course, students should finish 30 hours cleaning-campus and 8 hours service off-campused, the instructor will make an announcement and leading students to retrospect what they have learn, also the review should be turned in at the end of the semester.


Q2: Could I make my own decision on choosing the time to do Service Learning?

A2:No, you can’t. The course would assigned to each student randomly. Normally, each student would do the manual labor in the morning and in the afternoon in two semesters. If student has any other problem, he or she could make an application to adjust the time period.


Q3: Could I make my own decision on choosing the group of Service Learning?

A3:No, you can’t. The course would assigned to each student randomly.

If student has any other problem, he or she could make an application to adjust the job.


Q4: How do I know where the place for me to do the Service Learning is?

A4:students could check out the website. After login with students id number, all the details about manual labor will show up.


Q5:If the service place is quite far away from the classroom, could I change my duty place?

A5:see A3,A4.