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Student Clubs

Brief introduction of student clubs

  The University has set up the “Student Union” which supports, funds, and offers resources to clubs and societies on campus to encourage students to be active, involved, and enthusiastic towards our school. Student Union mainly holds Club Recruitment, Concert, Teachers-and-Students symposium every semester. It also convenes Leader Meetings of clubs and student associations to uphold the relationship between school and student clubs.

  At present, there are 99 clubs on campus so hopefully you'll be able to find one 
that interests you. Clubs or Societies can be registered and are listed according to the club categories: service, academic, entertainment, physical, and public relationship. 

  Clubs can hold activities under permission of Office of Student Affair. Also, clubs can apply funds and equipment from Extracurricular Activities Division. If clubs want to have activities outside school campus, club should apply Outside-School-Activities Application. Clubs have to attend annual “Club Evaluation”. Clubs  are under counseling or dismissed if failed at “Club Evaluation.”