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The main tasks of each division are as follows:

  1. Living Supervision Division
    • Student living supervision
    • Traffic safety service
    • Student dormitory service
    • Overseas Chinese student service
    • Military service
    • Campus security service
  2. Extracurricular Activities Division
    • Student loan information, financial aid information and student loan applications
    • To guide Student Self-government Club and Student Congress
    • Tuition fee reduction and exemption
    • On campus employment
    • To carry out preceptor(homeroom teacher) system
    • To conduct student clubs activities
    • To hold holiday activities, student activities, and special events(graduation ceremony, university's anniversary celebration)
    • Students clubs and organizations
    • Application Process of Excellent Grade
    • Application Process of Postgraduate Student Entrance
  3. Counseling and Guidance Division
      (Monday-Friday: 8:30-5:30 (day); 6:00-9:00(night))
    • To further strengthen education on moods and mental hygiene on campus
    • Mental healthy administration and services
    • To conduct individual consulting and group consulting
    • To offer the counseling volunteers
    • To offer the borrow services
    • To handle students' appealing
    • To activate sexual equality education
    • Students Appeal
    • Counseling Forms
    • Q&A
  4. Health Office
  5. Service Learning Division
    • To divide students into groups for labor education.
    • To grade scores for students' labor education.
    • To conduct cleaning competition on campus.
    • To conduct training for labor education.
    • To plan to involve students in activities relating to service learning.
    • Q&A
    • Service Learning System