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12th Session Selection of Goodwill Ambassadors STUST Goodwill Ambassador Club

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Here is an opportunity for students who is interested in serving the society from all around the world! In order to expand the community of young students to serve the society, we are now welcoming all international students to come and join us. We will have a professional international etiquette learning and makeup course training for you to forming up a good image and a high quality of the Goodwill team.


Primary interview Time: 2018 October 11 (Thursday) 18:00~21:00 Location: N001

Advanced training Course: 2018 October 17 (Wednesday), 2018 October 22 (Monday)

Selected Interview Time: 2018 October 25 (Thursday) 18:00~22:00: Location: San Lian Building

Grading Content: Chinese or English self-introduction, overall speech expression

Qualification: First & Second year STUST male &female students (4years degree program)

Method of Participation:

Please go to Extracurricular activities group (L101) to request and submit the application form from Mr.Huang before 2018 October 8. Please notice that STUST homepage will also announce the activity information, or you could also go to the Facebook fan group "south Taiwan University of Science and technology, The Goodwill Ambassador service team" to download the application form and fill in your personal information.

發布日期: 2018/10/05
發布人員: 蕭啟賢