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For the freshmen

Q1 : May I choose the room type and my own roommate?

A1 : Yes, you can choose the room type you’d like to stay, however, the rooms are limited. You can ask the availability first through your school host or case officer. As for the roommate, if your friend is coming with you, you can also tell your school host first before you come so that we can arrange you to live together.

Q2 : Can I check out from the dorm during the semester.

A2 : No, based on our school policy that every dorm resident should stay in the dorm for the whole academic year (two semesters) unless you drop, suspend, transfer to other school or you have any serious illness that prevent you from staying in the dorm. Refunds will be given by the Refund Policy of suspension or expulsion.

For the dorm residents

Q1 : My roommate and I have different living style, we have a big problem to stay with each other, can I change the room?

A1 : If there are some vacancies available, we can arrange you to stay in other room.

Q2 : Can I cook in the dorm?

A2 : You cannot cook at your own room, however, there are kitchenettes in Dorm VI, you can register first at the reception and then use it.

Q3 : My good friend comes to Taiwan to visit me, can he/she stay in my room for a night or two?

A3 : No, anyone who is not the resident of the dorm cannot stay in the dorm overnight. If your friend would like to visit you at the dorm, you can bring him/her to the public area such as the lobby.