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Service Center

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On March 17th, 2008, we established our center, which originated from immediate center and belonged to the office of Student Affairs. In the immediate center, we responded to students’ questions immediately. To avoid students’ inconvenience of handling any paper and business, we established student service center, which will handle students’ problems immediately on their arrival. We are responsible for all kinds of student affairs, including those in the office of Academic Affairs, the office of Student Affairs, the division of General Affairs, library, and so on. We offer students more diverse and efficient service with the kind, direct, and active attitude.

Open Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:10A.M.-22:00P.M.
Saturday: 13:00 P.M.-21:00 P.M.
Sunday: 9:00A.M.-16:50 P.M.

Our Location: T Building 3F

Tel: (06)2533131 ext. 2260-2262


  1. Administrative Personnel:

    Qiu-yun Lin: Be responsible for the equipment application and repair, the immediate business, the meeting record, the signature, lost and found, the business for buses of returning home; the business of preventing fire, the center’s business service, and temporary events.

    Yi-jiing Song: Be responsible for all paper, lost and found, the business for buses of returning home, the center’s business service, and temporary events.

  2. Part-time job Students:

    Yu-juan Dong: Be responsible for receipts, accounts, electronic board business, all business about the office of Academic Affairs and the center, and temporary events.

    Xiao-Xuan Huang: Be responsible for the application and reissue of parking certificate form, the center’s business, and temporary events.