Cautious Reminder

* A Cautious Reminder * 

Points to note for off-campus housing: 
1. Please refer to the website bulletin board of the Office of Student Affairs for priority information about off-campus housing and rentals. 

2. Do not rent any apartment or house through an agency lest you cannot find the landlord and thus fail to protect your interests. 

3. About the rental/tenancy agreement:
(A) A written contract/agreement is required, with each party holding a copy. 
(B) The deposit, which should not be taken as penalty for breach, is usually equivalent to one month's rent. Please specify a sum of money as compensation upon termination of the rental agreement (you have the right to terminate the agreement, but you have to pay the penalty). 
(C) The electricity is usually charged at the rate of 3.8 to 5.5 NTD per unit. Ask the landlord whether a share of public electricity fee is added to the money you pay for electricity. For those who live in attics or additional rooms on top of any building, please pay attention to the electricity cost for air conditioning (use of air conditioning for 1 hour generally requires electricity cost for about 10 to 15 NTD; use of electric water heaters for 1 hour generally requires electricity cost about 15 to 20 NTD). 
(D) It is possible to ask the landlord for a 1-month rent discount since you do not live in the apartment/ house over both summer and winter vacations; no discount will be offered if you do not rent it for 12 months (It is advisable that you pay the rent every 3 months or 6 months to avoid the problem that you cannot find the landlord). 
(E) Any verbal commitment will be deemed as a renewal; therefore, failure to realize/ fulfill/implement a verbal commitment to renewal is subject to penalty for breach. 
(6) Check and keep track of personal property and any item in your living place. Inform the landlord in writing of any damages to the department/house during the time you live there. 
(7) Inform the landlord for approval/agreement of anyone’s temporary stay in accommodation. 

3. Security concerns: 
(A) Whether the department/house has passed the safety checking and assessment (with a certificate given by STUST). 
(C) Whether there is more than one exit for emergency and whether the bars on windows can be unlocked/ opened (apartments above the second floor must be equipped with a sling for emergency). 
(D) Whether emergency lighting, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers are well prepared and workable. 
(E) Whether doors and gates can be closed at any time and whether there is a monitor system. 
For any other questions, please contact Mr. Ching at the Student Assistance Sector by calling 06-2533131 ~ 2201