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  1. Develop STUST people whose body and mind are healthy and sound.
  2. Life Features
    Material Life
    • Good quality learning environment
    • Electronic administration in the office of Student Affairs
    • A sound warning system in advance
    Psychological Life
    • Complete preventive counseling
    • Free communication channels
    • Hand-in-hand plans for caring for society
    Spiritual Life
    • College life with art and humanity
    • Diversified good-will angles
  3. Good quality learning environment
    We emphasize the labor education course and offer students comfortable and safe five-star living environment by serving, learning altruism, and activating diligent and practical serving attitude.
  4. Electronic administration in the office of Student Affairs
    We increase electronic administration to improve the work efficiency and employ control personnel to develop appliance software of twelve kinds and to preserve convenient control.
  5. A sound warning system in advance
    We establish a sound warning system in advance to achieve a new counseling system with teaching, discipline and counseling. Besides, we give a healthy physical check-up to pick out potentially sick people, hold all kinds of lectures, assist students in going to a doctor, and trace and counsel those who are seriously ill. We also have depression tests to pick out students who have emotional troubles and may not adapt themselves to give care and counseling. Finally, we give a warning system to notify students of their leaves of absences and of grades.
  6. Complete preventive counseling
    We offer the complete preventive counseling efficiently and carry out diversified preventive counseling. For example, we emphasize the role of homeroom teachers and the physical and psychological aspects of the students. Besides, we establish psychological test service center and have professional counseling teachers.
  7. Free communication channels
    We have free and diversified communication channels and establish the warm campus. For example, we have an appointment with our principal, an interaction between teachers and students, an informal discussion with three deans, appointments with department directors and deans, an informal discussion meeting with homeroom teachers, responses from class meetings, immediate center, email discussions and FAQS to express what's in our minds.
  8. Hand-in-hand plans for caring for society
    We have hand-in-hand plans for caring for society and establish the relationship between students and others. The plans include training of counseling volunteers. For example, our counseling volunteers go to Tainan Municipal Sin-nan Elementary School to carry out individual counseling, group counseling, and student life camps. Besides, we plan to help our relatives and neighbors by cleaning the environment and invite them to join the cricket competition.
  9. College life with art and humanity
    We hold artistic and human activities in human and artistic center to improve student's humanity. Besides, we have folk's colorful sculptures for Dragon Boat Festival, local theaters, puppet shows, and the show for Buddhist cultural objects.
  10. Diversified good-will angels
    We have diversified good-will angels to make students participate in and show the warmth and cooperation and diversified courses.