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1.        Adhere to school mottos and establish the campus cultures which emphasize technology and humanity.

2.        Integrate school resources and create a warm and the friendly campus.

3.        Implement the evaluation and make student affairs sound and improve working efficiencies.

4.        Activate learning by means of the service; carry out the sound concern and community service.

5.        Diversify and develop the governing of the students.

6.        Provide life counseling and promote student's suitable development and their self-realization.

7.        Strengthen homeroom teachers, student affairs, and professional counseling.

8.        Carry out the moral education and develop citizens of trust, justice, sincerity, and honesty.

9.        Activate electronic student affairs and strengthen clubs and dorm services.

10.    Plan studying and increase the professional knowledge in student affairs personnel and counselors.

11.    Teach, discipline, and promote the harmonious relationship and efficient counseling between teachers and students.

12.    Hold creative activities and develop students to be innovative and to solve problems.